Undergraduate Minors for SBS Economics Majors

All Social and Behavioral Science (SBS) Economics majors are required by the College to complete a minor. University requirements for a minor include at least 18 units of coursework (sometimes more); of which 9 units must be upper-division.

Selecting a Minor

Students should select a minor based on interests, talents, and goals. For example:

  • Economics majors who plan to enter law school upon graduation often minor in disciplines such as political science, history, English, psychology, philosophy or a second language (although law schools do not require specific undergraduate majors or minors for admission).
  • Students contemplating graduate study in economics (or finance) would benefit significantly from a minor in mathematics.
  • Business Administration is an excellent minor for those who wish to enter into various business areas upon graduation.

Students can also propose a thematic minor around a specific theme using courses from two or more disciplines with the approval of a faculty advisor in the Department of Economics. Note that a thematic form, available from the SBS Office of Student Services, must be submitted at the time of application for degree certification.

Students should also be mindful of the fact that, in some cases, employment and certain graduate school opportunities are more greatly affected by the level of academic performance (i.e., grades) than the specific minor selected. Students are encouraged to discuss academic and career plans with a faculty advisor when deciding upon a minor.

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