Mo Xiao

Associate Professor of Economics
Eller Fellow


Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, Los Angeles, 2003

Areas of Expertise

  •  Industrial Organization
  •  Applied Microeconomics


ECON 460 Industrial Organization
ECON 696Q Empirical Methods in Industrial Organization

Current Research

Professor Xiao's research applies microeconomic theory and econometrics to analyze various issues concerning firm behavior and market operation. She has worked on topics concerning firms' strategic provision of information and the impact of public policies on firms' entry, exit and quality choices. Her most recent research is on entry and competition in the U.S. telecommunication market.

Recent Working Papers

  • “Entry under Subsidy: the Competitive U.S. Local Telephone Industry,” (with Ying Fan).
  • “Is Your Neighbor Your Enemy? Strategic Entry into the US Broadband Market”, (with Peter F. Orazem).

Selected Publications

  • Who Thinks about the Competition: Managerial Ability and Strategic Entry in US Local Telephone Markets,” (with Avi Goldfarb), forthcoming, American Economic Review.
  • “The Impact of Regulation on Supply and Quality of Care in the Childcare Market,” (with V. Joseph Hotz), American Economic Review, 2011, 101(5), 1775-1805.
  • “Does the Fourth Entrant Make Any Difference? Entry and Competition in the Early U.S. Broadband Market,” (with Peter F. Orazem), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2011, vol. 29: 547-561.
  • “Strategic Information Disclosure: The Case of Multi-Attribute Products with Heterogeneous Consumers,” (with V. Joseph Hotz) , forthcoming, Economic Inquiry.
  • “Is Quality Certification Effective? Evidence from the Childcare Market,” International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2010, vol. 28: 708–721.