Martin Dufwenberg

Eller Professor of Economics
Director, Institute for Behavioral Economics


Ph.D. in Economics, Uppsala University, 1995

Areas of Expertise

  • Game Theory
  • Experiments
  • Behavioral Economics

Current Research

Professor Dufwenberg uses game theory and experiments to explore topics in behavioral economics. He currently works for example on informal agreements and on how to incorporate emotions into economic analysis.

Recent Work

  • "ABC on Deals" (with Maroš Servátka & Radovan Vadovic)
  • “Thanks but No Thanks: Non-Intervention Agreements & Land Conflict Avoidance” (with Gunnar Köhlin, Peter Martinsson, Haileselassie Medhin)
  • “Legalizing Bribes” (with Giancarlo Spagnolo)
  • "Participation" (with Gary Charness), American Economic Review, 2011.
  • “Triangulating the Neural, Psychological, and Economic Bases of Guilt Aversion” (with Luke Chang, Alec Smith, Alan Sanfey), Neuron 2011

Selected Publications

  • "Dynamic Psychological Games" (with Pierpaolo Battigalli), Journal of Economic Theory, 2009.
  • " Promises & Partnership" (with Gary Charness), Econometrica, 2006.
  • " Bubbles & Experience: An Experiment" (with Tobias Lindqvist & Evan Moore), American Economic Review, 2005.
  • " A Theory of Sequential Reciprocity" (with Georg Kirchsteiger), Games & Economic Behavior, 2004.
  • "Existence & Uniqueness of Maximal Reductions under Iterated Strict Dominance" (with Mark Stegeman), Econometrica, 2002.