Keith Joiner

Professor of Medicine, Economics, and Health Promotions Science


MPH in Health Policy and Administration, Yale University, 2003
MD, University of Colorado, 1974
BA in Biology, University of Chicago, 1970

Areas of Expertise

  • Health Economics and Policy 
  • International Health Care Systems
  • Incentive System Design
  • Academic Health Centers


Econ 427 Current Topics in Healthcare Economics and Policy

Current Research

Keith Joiner's current areas of collaborative research include optimization of resource allocation in Academic Health Centers, the relationship between medical decision making in the Emergency Department and subsequent cost and outcome, regret aversion in medical decision making, new reimbursement models for high cost health care interventions, and application of the concept of service dominant logic to the health care sector.

Recent Publications

  • Robertson, CT, Yokum, DV, Sheth, N, and Joiner, KA. A randomized trial of the split benefit health insurance reform to reduce high-cost, low-value consumption. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health. 1: 5-11, 2014.

  • Joiner, KA, Kramer, T. R. and Cooper, R. A practical cost-based approach to determining reimbursement rate: A necessary component of effective payment reform. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health. 2: 9-17, 2015
  • Lusch, RF and Joiner, KA. Evolving to a service dominant logic for health. Aust. Health Rev. In press, 2015
  • Robertson, C.T. and Joiner, K.A. Scaling and splitting: New approaches to health insurance. Regulation. Cato Institute. In press, 2015