Keisuke Hirano

APS Professor of Economics


Ph.D. in Economics, Harvard University, 1998

Areas of Expertise

  • Econometrics


ECON 520 Theory of Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECON 696 Econometrics

Current Research

Keisuke Hirano is an econometrician specializing in empirical methodology for microeconomics and related fields. His recent research includes work on forecasting and model choice, the design of social experiments, decision-theoretic methods for assigning individuals to policy interventions, econometric analysis of behavior in auctions and other settings with strategic interactions, and nonstandard asymptotic theory for auction models, instrumental variables models, and moment inequality models.

Recent Publications

  • "Location Properties of Point Estimators in Linear Instrumental Variables and Related Models," (with Jack Porter), forthcoming, Econometric Reviews
  • "Impossibility Results for Nondifferentiable Functionals," (with Jack Porter), Econometrica 80(4): 1769-1790.
  • "Robustness to Parametric Assumptions in Missing Data models," (with Bryan Graham), American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 101(3): 538-543
  • "Adaptive Experimental Design Using the Propensity Score," (with Jinyong Hahn and Dean Karlan) Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 29(1): 96-108
  • "Design of Randomized Experiments to Measure Social Interaction Effects," (with Jinyong Hahn), Economics Letters 106(1): 51-53.
  • "Asymptotics for Statistical Treatment Rules,” (with J.R. Porter), 2009, Econometrica77(5), 1683-1701.

Other Selected Publications

  • “Asymptotic Efficiency in Parametric Structural Models with Parameter-Dependent Support,” (with J. Porter), 2003, Econometrica 71,1307-1338.
  • “Efficient Estimation of Average Treatment Effects using the Estimated Propensity Score,” (with G. Imbens and G. Ridder), 2003, Econometrica 71, 1161-1189.
  • “Semiparametric Bayesian Inference in Autoregressive Panel Data Models,” 2002, Econometrica 70, 781-799.
  • “Combining Panel Data Sets with Attrition and Refreshment Samples,” (with G. Imbens, G. Ridder, and D. Rubin), 2001, Econometrica 69, 1645-1659.
  • “Assessing the Effect of an Influenza Vaccine in an Encouragement Design > with Covariates,” (with G. Imbens, D. Rubin, and X. Zhou), 2000, Biostatistics 1, 69-88.