Cihan Artunç

Assistant Professor of Economics


Ph.D. in Economics, Yale University, 2014

Areas of Expertise

  •  Economic History
  •  Law and Economics


ECON 308 World Economics History
ECON 309 European Economic History until the Industrial Revolution

Current Research

Professor Artunc is currently researching the co-existence of multiple legal systems and its economic implications in the Ottoman Empire, including the sale of access to European law in the eighteenth century. Furthermore, his work examines the evolution of business law and enterprise forms in the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East. Finally, he is studying partnerships and corporations in Egypt between 1910 and 1949. One aspect of this project addresses partnership formation and dissolution, and how the ease of dissolution allowed partners to engage in beneficial experimentation with different partners.


  • “Partnership as Experimentation”, Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization (with Timothy W. Guinnane), (forthcoming)
  • "The Wealth Tax of 1942 and the Disappearance of Non-Muslim Enterprises in Turkey." (with Seven Ağır), Journal of Economic History 79, no. 01 (2019): 201-243
  • "Religious Minorities and Firm Ownership in Early Twentieth‐Century Egypt.", Economic History Review (2018)
  • "The Price of Legal Institutions: The Beratlı Merchants in the Eighteenth-Century Ottoman Empire." Journal of Economic History 75, no. 03 (2015): 720-748.