Antonio F. Galvao

Professor of Economics


Ph.D. in Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

Areas of Expertise

  • Econometric Theory
  • Applied Econometrics


ECON 418/518 Introduction to Econometrics
ECON 520 Theory of Quantitative Methods in Economics

Current Research

Professor Galvao’s research focuses on econometric theory, and applied econometrics. He is particularly interested in models for quantile regression and panel data. Professor Galvao has also been working on developing the use of quantile preferences in economic models.


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  • “Smoothed quantile regression for panel data” (with Kengo Kato), Journal of Econometrics, 193, 92–112, 2016.

  • “Asymptotics for panel quantile regression models with individual effects” (with Kengo Kato and Gabriel Montes-Rojas), Journal of Econometrics, 170, 76–91, 2012.

  • “Estimation of censored quantile regression for panel data with fixed effects” (with Carlos Lamarche and Luiz Lima), Journal of the American Statistical Association, 108, 1075–1089, 2013.

  • “Quantile regression for dynamic panel data with fixed effects,” Journal of Econometrics, 164, 142–157, 2011.