Courtesy Appointed + Associated Faculty

Satheesh Aradhyula

Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Associated Faculty of Economics
520.621.6260 office
Chavez 427

Katherine Barnes

Professor of Law
Professor of Economics (courtesy)
Director of the Rogers Program on Law and Society
520.621.5513 office
Law 214

Sandy Dallerba

Director of the Regional Economics And Spatial Modeling laboratory (REASM)
Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development
Associate Professor of Economics (courtesy)
520.626.8054 office
520.621.2889 fax
Harvill 435B

David J. Schmidtz

Kendrick Professor of Philosophy
Professor of Economics (courtesy)
520.626.7681 office
520.621.9559 fax
Freedom Center - Marshall 280

Simone Sepe

Professor of Law
Professor of Finance (by courtesy)
Associated Faculty of Economics
520.626.3533 office
Law 223