Doctoral Program Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

A full-time student, if not an Arizona resident before applying to the University, pays approximately $32,700 in tuition and registration fees per academic year. All or part of the cost of tuition is waived for students who serve as teaching or research assistants, as described below. For additional information on fees and fee schedules, visit the Bursar’s Office website. Note that the tuition and fees described above are for the 2017-18 academic year and they may change in future years. The University charges various additional mandatory fees as well, which amount to an additional $1200 per year and cannot be waived.

Financial Aid and Assistantships

A full assistantship provides a stipend of $21,000 per year and a full waiver of tuition, and carries a 20-hour per week workload. A half assistantship provides a stipend of $10,500 per year and a reduction of tuition and fees to the in-state student rate, and carries a 10-hour per week workload. It is always the goal of the Department to support every student who is making satisfactory progress toward the Ph.D. degree after the completion of their first year in the program. Many students also supplement their incomes by teaching one or more courses in the summer session and/or the winter session between semesters. You do not need to apply for financial support; you are automatically considered when you apply to the program.


A number of fellowships are available to doctoral students in the Economics Department.

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