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Paul R. Portney

Paul Portney

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Contact Information

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Professor of Economics

  • Ph.D. Economics, Northwestern University
Research Interests
  • Environmental Economics
  • Welfare Economics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulation


Professor Portney has done research on environmental protection and regulation, natural resources policy, contingent valuation, air pollution, health and safety regulation, and provision of public goods.

Selected Publications
  • “Environmental Regulation and the Competitiveness of U.S. Manufacturing,” (with R. Stavins, A. Jaffe and S. Peterson), Journal of Economic Literature, 1995.
  • “Tightening Environmental Standards: The Benefit-Cost or the No-Cost Paradigm?” (with K. Palmer and W. Oates), Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1995.
  • “Public Preferences for Life Saving: Discounting for Time and Age” (with M. Cropper and S. Aydede), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1994.
  • “The Contingent Valuation Debate: Why Economists Should Care,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1994.
  • “The Determinants of Pesticide Regulation: A Statistical Analysis of EPA Decisionmaking,” (with Cropper, Evans, Berardi, and Ducla-Soares) Journal of Political Economy, 1992.
  • “Discounting and the Evaluation of Life-Saving Programs” (with M. Cropper), Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1990.
  • “The Net Benefits of Incentive-Based Regulation: A Case Study of Environmental Standard-Setting” (with W. Oates and A. McGartland), American Economic Review, 1989.
  • “Valuing the Benefits of Health and Safety Regulation” (with W. Harrington), Journal of Urban Economics, 1987.
  • “Profit Maximizing Communities and the Theory of Local Public Expenditure” (with J. Sonstelie), Journal of Urban Economics, 1978.