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Rabah Amir

Rabah Amir

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Contact Information

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Eller Professor of Economics

  • Ph.D. University of Illinois (Urbana)
Current Courses
  • ECON 501A, Microeconomic Theory I (graduate)
  • ECON 502, Economics Dynamics
  • Econ 696R, Topics in Game Theory and Applications
Research Interests
  • Game Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economic Theory
  • Economic Dynamics

Current Research

Rabah Amir's present research deals with theoretical and applied aspects of oligopoly behavior, innovation and market structure; the theory and application of dynamic games in economics and finance; methodological aspects of supermodularity and economic complementarity and applications; and some aspects of environmental and public economics.

  • “Network effects, market structure and industry performance“,  Journal of Economic Theory, to appear, 2011 (with  N. Lazzati).
  • “Evolutionary finance and dynamic games“,  Mathematics and Financial Economics, to appear, 2011 (with I. Evstigneev,  T. Hens, L. Xu).
  • “Symmetry-breaking in two-player games via strategic substitutes and diagonal nonconcavity: A synthesis“, Journal of Economic Theory, 145, 2010, 1968-1986 (with F. Garcia and M. Knauff).
  • “Comparative statics in a simple class of strategic market games“, Games and Economic Behavior, 65, 7-24, 2009 (with F. Bloch)
  • “Ranking economics departments worldwide on the basis of academic placement“, Review of Economics and Statistics, 90, 185-90, 2008 (w M. Knauff).
  • “Second-mover advantage and price leadership in Bertrand duopoly“, Games and Economic Behavior, 55, 1-20, 2006 (with A. Stepanova).
Other Selected Publications
  •  “Entry, Exit, and Imperfect Competition in the Long Run,” Journal of Economic Theory, 110, 191-203, 2003 (w. V. Lambson)
  •  “On the Effects of Entry in Cournot Markets,” Review of Economic Studies, 67, 235-254, 2000 (w. V. Lambson)
  • “Continuous Stochastic Games of Capital Accumulation with Convex Transitions,” Games and Economic Behavior, 15, 111-131, 1996.
  • “Cournot Oligopoly and the Theory of Supermodular Games" Games and Economic Behavior, 15, 132-148, 1996.
  • “Sensitivity Analysis in Multisector Optimal Economic Dynamics” Journal of Mathematical Economics, 25, 123-141, 1996.
  • “A Strategic Market Game with Complete Markets”, Journal of Economic Theory, 51, 126-43, 1990 (w. M. Shubik, S. Sahi and S. Yao).
Editorial Activity

Guest Co-Editor

  • Games and Economic Behavior, special issue M. Shubik, vol 65/1

Associate Editor

  • Economic Theory
  • Games and Economic Behavior
  • International Journal of Industrial Organization
  • International Game Theory Review
  • Journal of Public Economic Theory
  • Mathematical Social Sciences


  • The Manchester School, 2001-